'Everyone can benefit from Massage'

Massage, as a remedial and holistic treatment is highly underrated and often overlooked in favour of over-the-counter painkillers and anti- inflammatories. Sarah's treatments comprising of massage, spinal realignment, stretches and exercises are extremely successful in both relieving the painful symptoms and treating the original cause(s) of discomfort, ultimately helping to prevent the/any problem(s) reoccurring.

Sarah has vast experience working with those with a range of fitness levels and ages, from athletes throughout the training and competition season to those looking to manage arthritic conditions and keep active.

Other examples of conditions treated include :

The list of conditions that may benefit from massage is almost endless, if you're unsure of how you could benefit, please get in touch.

Massage is an vital tool in preventing injuries occurring and progressing initially, even if you are not in discomfort you will benefit from a massage. - "Prevention is better than cure"

Benefits of Massage
Sarah Todd, massage therapist